Monday, August 10, 2009

First pepper comes from Scotch Bonnet - day 155

This year all my peppers are late. At this time, last year we already had nice crop of Cyklon peppers. I dried all of them and as powder they were enough for us until now.
This year we grow Scotch Bonnet, Cayenne and Zvonek - you can see the size they have reached in May just before they went to garden.

Looking at the time of blooming and fruiting, my conclusion is that first half of March is too late for us to start the seeds. Coming year I will do it in February.
Look at this first fruit of Scotch Bonnet. It has surprisingly nice shape.....

but surprisingly small size (this is one of the smallest coins I have in my pockets) .........

Such small size is not surprising at all if you know that the plant was in the constant flood in June - in fact, I am surprised it is still alive and producing fruits. Coming fruits seem to be bigger.

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