Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eat chilli pepper and get happy

Capsaicin is weird substance. Extracted from chilli pepper, in pure form, doesn't have any taste or fragrance, but it's very very painful. It hurts, aches etc.It doesn't damage permanently, but for the brain this is very clear and body responses. You sweat, your heartbeat gets faster, you may even cry. Natural defense comes from the brain command 'produce pain relief"! And you get the sweet flow of human produced 'morphine' which is endorphine. And you get happy :) Feel better and don't need happy pills anymore.

All this happens when you eat hot pepper, chilli pepper, chilli, chillie, chili or chile (and don't mix with Chilli Palmer). The more chilli pepper the more happy you feel. This is not my own fantasy, but facts proven by Paul Rozin psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Even though the demand for hot pepper is growing and some call it masochistic pleasure, there is no danger of damage or addiction.

So far the hottest pepper sauce was traditionally produced by company from Louisiana, but recently they started to produce extra hot version of tabasco from habanero chilli. Connoisseurs apart from degree of pungency are also looking for flavours in chilli pepper, because it may really vary and get different fruity tastes including banana flavour in dried Aji peruvian chilli pepper).

Do you get happy after eating chilli pepper? I do. I don't even have to eat it. It is enough to grow it :) Pure magic.

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