Sunday, March 14, 2010

Very hot chilli pepper for hot pepper sauces - meet Scotch Bonnet...

Yes, Scotch Bonnet is very hot chilli pepper - on the heat scale it get 7 points out of 10, while 10 is capsicum in pure state - which means that there is no such plant in the world to get 10 points. This capsicum is great for producing hot pepper sauces at home. I think one plant will do to satisify entire family for entire season plus winter :) it is really, really hot - remember to wear gloves while working with this pepper in the kitchen.
In total I collected 11 peppers from this beauty pictured below - isn't she lovely?
I grew it in the pot, because I was planning to make overwintering trial. Unfortunately I am not very good gardener and snow caught my babies outside... I will give them chance this year again.

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