Saturday, March 7, 2009

Capsicum Pubescens Red Rocoto black seeds

Rocoto (Locoto) seeds are black - which adds beauty to the fruit and makes it look very unusual.
What is most important about Capsicum pubescens (called sometimes Tree Pepper) it can grow in colder climates, does not need that much warmth as other Capsicums.
It survives also light frosts.

Flowers appear late, in August/September and has long growing season, so the best it to overwinter them, to see its abilities in subsequent years.

Germination 3-4 weeks.

Rocoto needs few plants of the same kind to pollinate and it requires hand pollination. Doesn't cross-pollinate with other kinds.

Plant height up to 8'/170cm. Fruits have thick flesh (like bell peppers) and apple flavour. Flowers have unusal violet color.

Attention! Leaves of C. pubescens produce toxins and the sap may cause irritations. Needs gloves for handling.

Hot Scale differs from 4-7 (max.10) in Scoville Scale

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Would be good for my area of New zealand :O)